TAMAI Foundation


Tamai Kunst en cultuur is gespecialiseerd in kleinschalige activiteiten van professionele kwaliteit.
De mensen van Tamai willen de schoonheid van diverse culturen tonen.
Muziek woord en beeld komen samen in een gevarieerd aanbod.



In september verschijnt de eerste nieuwsbrief

Contemporary SAN Art Storytelling art of the Kalahari Desert Bushmen of Botswana,
Ankie van de Camp

This book takes the aims of the Kuru art project as a point of departure for setting a subsequent step on the path of emancipation of non-Western indigenous artists, in particular the San artists. It does so by emphasizing the intrinsic value of the storytelling art-pieces, by rejecting the direct relation between rock art and contemporary San art. By linking modern San art to the San Poetry of the 19th century and the contemporary African poets like Antjie Krog and Stephen Watson. An artistic rather that anthropological approach to art of non-Western indigenous artists does not only challenge and emancipate the artists concerned, but also constitutes a challenge for existing perceptions and policies concerning art. In the western world, such as the Dutch art world non-Western Indigenous art is mostly exhibited in the context of ethnological museums or specific art-galleries. In many respects this book represents a welcome step in a new direction!